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What's New

We have several interesting things happening!  We hope that you will come join us for some of these offerings!  

Pleasanton Library - Learn & Play With Me Today . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Wellspring is excited to continue our participation in this wonderful 6 week workshop series for parents and their 1 to 3 year old child at the Pleasanton Library.  And it is free! 

The Winter   play series runs from February 7th to March 14th, 2018.  The Spring series begins in April or May, and the Fall series begins in October 2018.

Each week a different pediatric expert will join parents and tots as they play, sharing tips that help build healthy attachments and good overall health.  Kids and parents learn new ways to connect and play in several activity areas that are set up with picture books, simple crafts, puzzles, dramatic play and toys.

The Pediatric Professionals:
- Child Development - Deborah Rogers LMFT
- Pediatric dental health
- Music and movement
- Childhood literacy development
- Nutrition for young children
- Speech and Language

- Have some fun playing with your child and strengthen the healthy bond between you
- Meet other parents with young children, gain knowledge and empowerment, connect with supportive professionals
- Increases social and verbal interactions, attention span, promotes early learning and brain development
- Bring a few of your most puzzling questions for the experts
- And receive some valuable input from child development specialists who truly love working with families.

What should I do when my child says this... does this... and what do they really need when this happens?
Wellspring will be there to provide brief parent consultations, answer your questions and share tips on emotional and behavioral development.

Help your children develop the foundation of good health so your children will thrive.
Advanced registration required.

Contact: Pleasanton Library at 925-931-3400 ext 8 or stop by the Children's Desk

When: Wednesdays from 10:00 - 11:15 am       Where: Pleasanton Library Meeting Room 400 Old Bernal Ave
Dates: February 7th to March 14th  2018         Registration Begins: January 2018

Growing Happy Smart Cooperative Kids - 2 Hands-On Workshops for Parents & Kids . . . . . . . . . .
Learn it and then do it!  Pick up a few Happy-Kid-Solutions and then apply these skills as you play with your child.  Far from passively watching your child play, or intrusively dominating the play, this workshop is about being an active compassionate participant in your child's life.  And it is free!

The foundation of growing a self-confident, loving and collaborative child begins with the parent-child experience and clearly understanding your child's needs.

Wellspring shares helpful information on the emotional developmental of your 1 to 4 year old children, spending quality time with each child, what kids are really trying to tell you when they act out, and active listening strategies to use starting from the very beginning of your child's life.  Helpful handouts and activities to do with your child.

Two 60 Minute Workshops:
- More happiness and less acting out
- Helping kids learn how to listen
- Why kids ignore parents
- Teaching life lessons
- Punishment and time outs
- Oops moments in parenting

Contact: Pleasanton Library at 925-931-3400 ext 8 or stop by the Children's Desk

When: Tuesday from 10:30 - 11:30 am                  Where: Pleasanton Library Meeting Room 400 Old Bernal
Date:   Past Event March 26  and  April 2, 2013     Registration Began: March 2013

TV 30 Conversations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

December 12th to 18th, 2011

Our Past  Topics:
" Things to Do For Those Holiday Blues"


















































**  If you are not in the Tri-Valley area, look for our show on Channel 30's Web Cast, which offers News, Sports, Talk Shows and Other Locally Produced Shows.  Web Cast TV 30   

If you miss seeing this or other interviews during regular broadcast times, it is still not too late!  Copies of previous and current interviews are available for purchase by contacting TV 30 through this link.  Each thirty-minute episode includes two separate guests, each having a fifteen minute conversation.

Information for Our Interviews

"Things To Do For Those Holiday Blues"
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 463 - Production date December 7, 2011
Episode length 30 minutes

"Emotional Success = Academic Success at School"
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 451 - Production date August 24, 2011
Episode length 30 minutes

"Helping Children Manage the Challenges of Divorce"
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 434 - Production date February 16, 2011  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Essential Play and Sensory integration"
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 419 - Production date September 15, 2010  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Managing Kids and Violent Behaviors"
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 385 - Production date November 23, 2009  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Our Economy Crisis & Reducing Childhood Stress"                  
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 345 - Production date January 7, 2009  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Helping Children Adjust - Mom Returns to Work"                  
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 314 - Production date May 1, 2008  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Kids & Summertime Activity Scheduling"                                           
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 279 - Production date May 17, 2007  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Creating Happier Holiday Memories"
Deborah Rogers LMFT 
Episode #CONV 261 - Production date December 7, 2006  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Stress Less - Back to School"                                            
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 246 - Production date July 27, 2006  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Childhood ADHD & ADD, Could it be Something Else?"
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 234 - Production date April 20, 2006  
Episode length 30 minutes

"Parenting Tips - Reducing Negative Behaviors Through Play"      
Deborah Rogers LMFT
Episode #CONV 224 - Production date January 12, 2006   
Episode length 30 minutes

Finish Projects  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Where to begin?  If you have ideas that you would like to develop, projects that you want to complete or things that you have always wanted to do but you seem to get stuck...  come in for a few sessions and discover how you can begin to move forward again!  Turn your ideas into reality, at last!

   As a Team We Address: 
- Multi-level assessment of your needs   - What seems to be blocking your way
- Clearly define your goals                       - The challenges of making changes
- What motivates you the most                 - Develop new ways of getting things done

- Utilize your existing strengths               - Reduce overwhelming feelings
- Receive important support & solutions   - Create a personalized plan & strategies
- Learn to pace with your needs               - Manage stress levels more efficiently

Many of us feel a bit overwhelmed when we begin to think about a big project or a long-standing dream.  With our bigger ideas and desires, it is also harder to imagine the multiple steps that it takes in order to meet those goals.  

So, we are often not sure that we can actually get where we want to go because we can't quite visualize the whole path.  

Then the longer-term goals seem to have their biggest payoff further into the future.  And you know how much we are hooked on that feeling of instant gratification!

Moving Forward Again
So, come to our office for some support and solutions.  Then you can put yourself back on the path of moving forward again and finally completing some of your important projects, goals and dreams!

Tune in online at  Web Cast TV 30  or, for Tri-Valley residents, watch television channel 30 to hear host Robin Fahr and I discuss a few of the challenges that come up during the holidays.  This is a busy time of the year when we are not following our normal routine.  We tend to do stressful things like over-schedule, over-eat, over-drink and over-spend!  We are traveling and might have jet lag to contend with.  We often need to adjust to having house guests or we are the house guest ourself.  We might also be struggling with how to navigate the first holiday following a divorce.  And it can often seem hopeless trying to find the best way to handle those painfully controlling family members who seem to change the whole mood of your precious family gathering. 

So how do we reduce the stress a bit and increase the potential for having good experiences?

Tune in to pick up a few tips on dealing with those challenging family issues and even ideas for dealing with the negative effects of simply having less sunlight.  Did you know that having less sunlight during the winter can actually change your brain chemistry?  Your holiday depression could be reduced by treatment that addresses this sunshine deficite.

So if you will be facing a difficult issue over the holidays, make a couple of appointments at our office to develop some new strategies.  It can increase the enjoyment factor a great deal for you and your family.

And if you would like to fine tune your parenting approach a bit and learn a few new ways to respond to your child's behaviors, schedule a few
play therapy sessions or parenting sessions.  It can help things go much smoother for everyone in your family.  That way, your family gets to spend more time having fun together!

Join us for our "Conversation" at one or more of these times to pick up a few helpful tips!

Taping Date
                                             Viewing Dates & Times:
December 7, 2011                                      December 12th - 18th approximate daily broadcast dates.  
The typical viewing schedule for the "Conversations" show: 


6-Session Assessment & Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"Why do my kids act that way?  They are great kids and really smart, so why do they..."

- Not listen to you when you talk          - Hit you or others  
- School struggles & conflicts              - Fight with siblings
- Have tantrums in public places           - Tell lies and exaggerate the truth

Start the year off on a positive note by finding out what your child is trying to tell you through their coded language of behaviors.  Once parents learn to read their child's behavior more accurately a new level of cooperation and happiness can open up for the whole family. 

Session 1
Includes one or both parents to discuss the issues you are concerned about and an overall history of your child's emotional and physical development.  You will receive suggestions of things that might help at this initial stage. 
These recommendations become more detailed as we move through the six sessions.  

Session 2
Includes your child and one or both parents.  And kids usually love coming in to play.  The issues discussed in Session 1 determine the exact configuration of who attends this session.  Through our play, we begin looking for important clues from your child about what they might be struggling with.

Session 3
Your child comes in for individual
play therapy where we continue to create a safe place together so they can begin exploring what might be going on in their world.  If the child is very young, two or three years old, then it is often most productive to have one parent included in the session as well.

Session 4 & 5
Your child works on expressing their feelings through our therapeutic play and putting feelings into words.  As their sense of safety and trust develops, your child begins the process of resolving some of their issues.

Session 6
Parents come in alone to discuss the improvements and changes they have noticed.  Solutions will be provided that are tailored to you and your child and we will give you recommendations for the steps you might want to take next in order to keep this positive momentum going.
Add valuable tools to your problem-solving repertoire in a supportive atmosphere.   We build on your existing strengths as you go through this process of change.  Then the most positive outcomes are made available to you and those you love.

Contact  our office to learn more about these two important Assessment and Solutions series and to schedule an appointment.  Your child's difficult behaviors are very stressful for them so they will thank you one day for helping them learn how to feel better.  And the same goes for you and your stress too!  


 Note: The use of this web site or email link does not 
in any way imply a patient-therapist relationship.


Payment Methods


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Visa -  Mastercard
Personal Check

Private Pay Patients                
Simply bring a check or credit card and have that ready at the beginning of each session. 

In-Network Patients               
Our office verifies your benefits, provides you with your remaining deductible amount, number of sessions allowed, and submits any required clinical information to your insurance.

Out-of-Network Patients          
Receive benefits directly from your insurance. 
Check or credit card payments required at each appointment.

We have helpful submission tips, office receipts and approved claim forms for patients who use their insurance out-of-network. 

Monthly Payments                     
Individuals and families with very busy schedules  sometimes use a monthly payment schedule to streamline the process even further.

Military Families                    
Confidential support for individuals and families using your Ceridian, TriWest, TriCare insurance.  Free sessions through Military OneSource.   www.militaryonesource.com at 800-342-9647. 

24-Hour Cancellation              
Your appointments are very important and they require a full 24-Hour notice in order to release your financial obligation. 

If you use insurance, please note that they will not cover missed sessions or late cancellations.  These  remain your  financial obligation.

Call our office to determine which billing method will work best for you. 

Contact Us  -  About Us           
  925 831-2442

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