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Helpful Links

California Association of                        Association of Family Therapists
Marriage & Family Therapists                  of Northern California
www.camft.org                                    www.aftnc.com

California Branch,                                Association for Play Therapy
Association for Play Therapy                 www.a4pt.org

Every Child Counts                             Children & Adults with ADD           

First Five Alameda County                   www.chadd.org
Family medical & mental health                                            

National ADD Association                     National Center for Missing
www.add.org                                     & Exploited Children

Office of Juvenile Justice &                  Cyber Tip Line
Delinquency Prevention                       
Report inappropriate material, online 
Resources to prevent & respond to       stalking, sexual exposure to kids,
juvenile delinquency & victimization       predators seeking children online
www.OJJDP.org                                 www.CyberTipLine.com 

Net Smartz Workshop                         Childhood Matters
Interactive, educational safety aids,     Radio 98.1 talk show about kids
3-D activities to teach 5-17 yr olds      Rona Renner RN, host
ways to stay safer on the Internet       

Helping Children Heal                          Boys & Girls Clubs of America        
Trauma, Brain & Relationships:            www.BGCA.org
Helping Children Heal                                       

Excellent 30 min online video series          
Bruce Perry MD, PhD; Daniel Siegel MD     
Constance Lillas PhD, RN                       



Note: The use of this web site or email link does not 
in any way imply a patient-therapist relationship.

Payment Methods


4 Schedule Online Now  3 
No More Phone Tag!

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Personal Check

Private Pay Patients                
Simply bring a check or credit card and have that ready at the beginning of each session. 

In-Network Patients                
Our office verifies your benefits, provides you with your remaining deductible amount, number of sessions allowed, and submits any required clinical information to your insurance.

Out-of-Network Patients          
Receive benefits directly from your insurance. 
Check or credit card payments required at each appointment.

We have helpful submission tips, office receipts and approved claim forms for patients who use their insurance out-of-network. 

Monthly Payments                     
Individuals and families with very busy schedules  sometimes use a monthly payment schedule to streamline the process even further.

Military Families                     
Confidential support for individuals and families using your Ceridian, TriWest, TriCare insurance.  Free sessions through Military OneSource.   www.militaryonesource.com at 800-342-9647. 

24-Hour Cancellation              
Your appointments are very important and they require a full 24-Hour notice in order to release your financial obligation. 

If you use insurance, please note that they will not cover missed sessions or late cancellations.  These  remain your  financial obligation.

Call our office to determine which billing method will work best for you. 

Contact Us  -  About Us           
  925 831-2442

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Real happiness is cheap enough...
Yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.

                   Hosea Ballou




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